Alcohol Self Testing

Want to eliminate alcohol affected workers from your site? Getting onsite alcohol self testing a great solution! 


This can be achieved by testing every single person who enters your site and without the added rostering of having staff assigned to the gate/site entrance with a handheld breathalyser!

Through advances in technology and Relevant’s technical know-how, we are able to integrate an alcohol self-testing system into most access control systems such as turnstiles, access doors, roller doors or boom gates. Our Australian Made wall-mounted breathalysers can also link with a wide range of ID technologies such as iButtons, RFID tags, barcodes, QR codes and more.

With utilisation of our alcohol self-testing breathalysers you can restrict access to only those who return a 0.000 reading (or within the site’s permitted alcohol range).

Want To Implement Alcohol Self-Testing In Your Workplace?

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