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Pioneered workplace oral fluid (saliva) drug testing in 2002. Still the leaders today!

Accredited Technicians

Qualified to Australian Quality Training Framework. Additional training to levels that surpass industry requirements.

Individual Education

During testing for every person tested, if required.

Auditable Test Process

From selection of personnel to be tested, the testing process itself, through to provision of the final test report to your nominated representative. Every step of the process is documented and capable of being audited.

24/7 Callout Service

Guaranteed to dispatch a technician within 30 minutes of notification being received.

24/7 Advice Service

Includes free telephone advice for AOD related matters in your workplace.

Electronic Drug Testing Equipment

Chosen for its accuracy and superior sensitivity. Independently evaluated by VIFM to comply with AS/NZS 4760:2019.

No Operator Subjectivity

Due to using electronic drug testing equipment for oral fluid testing.

Layers of Randomness

Our trademark approach to ongoing random testing programs. We independently manage the random selection of the time, date, department/section and individuals to be tested.

Independent Service Provider

Ensures privacy and confidentiality in accordance with Privacy Legislation and Australian Standards.

No Contractors

Our Accredited Technicians are direct employees. No contractors, agents or franchisees here!

NATA Accredited

Accredited for compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 (2017) -Medico legal drug testing AS/NZS 4760, Section 2.

The complete solution to Drug and Alcohol Management Programs.

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