Urine & Oral Fluid Drug Testing in Perth, WA

The resources capital of Australia and one of the most common to drug and alcohol test their employees. We can help you with Drug and Alcohol Testing in Perth and ensure all testing is conducted per the applicable Australian Standards.

There is no doubting it, urine drug testing has been utilised by mining and resource based workplaces across Western Australia for many years and whilst urine still remains a very prevalent testing method for workplaces in WA now-days it is facing fierce competition from its Oral Fluid counterpart.

Oral Fluid (or more commonly referred to as saliva drug testing) is on the rise due to it not having several of the following downsides that urine testing has including:

  • the need for bathroom facilities
  • the risk of sample adulteration (as collection is not observed)
  • the fact that someone who has recently smoked cannabis for example may test negative on a urine drug test shortly after as it has not reached their urinary tract yet.

The good news is that no matter whether your business needs Urine or Oral Fluid drug testingRelevant are here to help. We offer an onsite drug testing service where our experienced and accredited drug and alcohol testing Technicians travel to your workplace and provide a turn key solution.

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