The program has proven to be an outstanding safety and cultural initiative which has resulted in cultural improvements across all operations.

We are an Australian publicly listed company with our Head Office located in Hobart, Tasmania. We employ  over six hundred (600) team members in a diverse range of operation across Australia.

In 2015 our business was recognised as an Employer of Choice by the Tasmanian Government in acknowledgement of our highly innovative work culture, opportunities for career growth and culture within the workforce.

I have known the team at Relevant Drug Testing Solutions for in excess of five years. In my former employment I worked with Relevant on the implementation of a Drug and Alcohol Management Program (DAMP) into that business. The program was highly successful.

Upon taking a new position, I quickly realised there was room for improvement in the management of Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) within the workplace. I subsequently made submissions to my senior management which recommended the engagement of Relevant to assist with a review and then implementation of their recommended methods of operation. Standard operation procedures were subsequently developed taking into consideration the culture of the workplace. The program which included development of a workable Policy and Procedure, Education & Awareness training, incident/cause testing and a regular random testing program was implemented almost three years ago.

The fact our safety performance has also improved is in part due to the implementation of the DAMP.

I could not recommend the team at Relevant strongly enough. Every issue is dealt with professionally and efficiently.

Work, Health and Safety ManagerAquaculture Industry

Assistance is always prompt and most professional

Prior to commencing testing Relevant conducted Education and Awareness training session for all staff and specialist management training sessions for all supervisors.

The program advised and implemented by Relevant has proven most effective in reducing workers attending the workplace affected by Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD). Worker attitudes to the misuse of AOD have changed significantly with staff recognising that those who do not comply with our policy are jeopardising not only their own safety but also their colleague’s safety in the workplace.

Relevant via its management team have always been available to assist Council staff with any queries we may have in respect to interpretation of documentation and/or test results. This assistance is always prompt and most professional. When you engage Relevant you work together to achieve desired outcomes.

I would strongly recommend that any workplace considering implementation of alcohol and drug testing consult with Relevant in the first instance. This will save significant time and energy being expended and result in an efficient system with processes which deliver the best results.

Acting Human Resources ManagerLocal Government

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