Onsite Drug Testing South Australia

As one of Australia’s leading and most experienced drug testing service providers,¬† Relevant Drug Testing Solutions¬†provide a range of services in Adelaide and right across South Australia.

From workplace drug and alcohol testing to policy development and training our experienced and accredited team provide quality and friendly service at all times.

Common testing which we perform in Adelaide and South Australia in general include Oral Fluid (sometimes call saliva or swab testing) drug testing, urine drug testing and breath alcohol testing. We can also provide hair drug and alcohol testing services for those who wish for the longest period of detection possible or surface drug testing for those clients who wish to test locker rooms, bathrooms or a rental property.

Regardless of your workforce size or industry, we have a solution to make your workplace safer! We help all types of organisations from Government Departments to Councils, multi-national companies to small and family owned businesses.

Services offered in Adelaide and across South Australia

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