Workplace Drug Testing Association (WDTA)

Relevant Drug Testing Solutions is a proud member of the Workplace Drug Testing Association, Australia’s Industry Body for Drug Testing.

Established as a non-profit organisation in 2017, the Workplace Drug Testing Association (WDTA) is located in Sydney, Australia. WDTA is made up of companies with an interest in quality workplace drug and alcohol testing programs throughout Australia.

The Workplace Drug Testing Association acts as a peak body to represent the interests of drug testing providers, equipment suppliers and specialist consultants to maintain the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in the industry. Our members operate in a diverse range of Australian environments and cultures.

WDTA Workplace Drug esting Association

WDTA members account for about 75-80 percent of all workplace drug testing in Australia, allowing us to speak credibility and authority in every aspect, ensuring:

  • Implementation of best practices and the latest technology for accurate workplace drug and alcohol testing.
  • Provision of technological and scientific advice in the field of workplace drug and alcohol testing.
  • Consistency, reliability, accuracy, and quality for workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Our members include the largest drug and alcohol testing companies in Australia. We represent the Industry on all relevant Australian Standards for workplace drug testing, supply information to Government Bodies (including the Federal Government of Australia) and represent the broad interests of this sector in Australia.

Workplace Drug Testing Association Mission

Our mission is to represent the workplace drug and alcohol testing providers and equipment suppliers throughout Australia.

We strive to improve the professionalism of workplace drug and alcohol testing by:

  • Encouraging best practices to uphold accurate and professional service delivery for the welfare and safety of those tested and other related stakeholders.
  • Promote the consistency and quality of workplace drug and alcohol testing programs.
  • Developing additional guidelines and protocols to support the existing Australian workplace drug testing Standards where appropriate.
  • Improving education and public and corporate awareness about the importance and advantages of workplace drug and alcohol testing.
  • Advancing common goals of members in the workplace drug and alcohol testing industry.

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