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As the need for a drug-safe workplace becomes increasingly vital, businesses in Brisbane, Queensland, are seeking reliable drug testing services to ensure the well-being of their workers and maintain a productive environment. At Relevant Drug Testing Solutions, we take pride in offering 24/7 drug and alcohol testing services that have been serving Brisbane workplaces for over two decades. Our commitment to safety, accuracy, and compliance is backed by our NATA Accreditation per section 2 of AS/NZS 4760:2019, making us the trusted choice for businesses and government departments of all sizes.

The Importance of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Maintaining a drug-free workplace is crucial for numerous reasons. Drug and alcohol misuse can significantly effect workers judgment, coordination, and alertness, leading to an increased risk of incidents and injuries. Furthermore, substance misuse can negatively impact productivity, employee morale, and overall reputation. By implementing comprehensive drug testing programs, businesses can comply with legislative requirements, promote a safer working environment but also protect their bottom line and improve overall workplace efficiency.

Round-the-Clock Reliable Drug Testing Services in Brisbane

At Relevant, we understand that workplace safety should never be compromised or stop, and emergencies or incidents can happen at any time. Our 24/7 drug and alcohol testing services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring that they have access to our reliable testing whenever they require them.

Whether it’s a post-accident situation, random testing, pre-employment screening, or reasonable suspicion / cause based testing, our team of experienced drug testing professionals are equipped to handle all aspects of testing seamlessly. We prioritise rapid response times and our Accredited Drug Testing Technicians will never compromise the quality and accuracy of our results.

Over 20 Years of Dedicated Service

With a rich history of serving Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs for over two decades, Relevant Drug Testing Solutions has earned a stellar reputation for excellence and reliability. Our extensive experience in the field has allowed us to refine our processes, adopt industry-best practices, and stay updated with the latest advancements in drug testing technologies.

Our team of trained and certified technicians works diligently to provide accurate and timely results, ensuring that your workplace remains free from the harmful effects of drug and alcohol misuse.

NATA Accreditation: Your Assurance of Quality

We take immense pride in being fully NATA Accredited per section 2 of AS/NZS 4760:2019. This accreditation signifies that we meet and exceed the stringent requirements set forth by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA), ensuring that our drug testing processes adhere to the highest standards of quality, accuracy, and reliability.

Our compliance with AS/NZS 4760:2019 ensures that our oral fluid drug testing methodologies are in line with the Australian / New Zealand Standard, offering you the confidence you need to trust our services.


When it comes to safeguarding your workplace and workers from the risks associated with drug and alcohol abuse, there’s no room for compromise. At Relevant Drug Testing Solutions, we have been providing reliable drug testing services in Brisbane and become the trusted drug testing partner for Brisbane businesses for over 20 years, providing 24/7 drug and alcohol testing solutions backed by independent NATA Accreditation. Our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and safety ensures that your workplace remains a secure and productive environment for all.

Get in touch with us today and experience the peace of mind that comes with relying on our reputable drug testing services. Together, let’s create a safer, healthier, and more productive workplace in Brisbane, Queensland.

Relevant Drug Testing Solutions

We provide the complete solution for drug and alcohol management within the workplace.

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