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Safety is paramount when it comes to responsible alcohol consumption, especially in scenarios where individuals need to gauge their alcohol levels accurately. At Relevant Drug Testing Solutions, we understand the importance of reliable breathalyser devices to ensure the safety of individuals and the community at large. We take immense pride in announcing that we now offer Alcotest 3820 and Alcotest 4000 personal breathalyser calibrations across Australia, making it easier for people to stay informed about their alcohol levels with confidence. What sets our breathalyser calibration apart is our comprehensive training by the device manufacturer – Dräger, our years of breathalyser calibration experience and our adherence to the highest calibration standards including Australian Standard 3547 to ensure accurate and reliable calibrations every time.

The Need for Accurate Alcotest 3820 / Alcotet 4000 Breathalyser Calibrations:

Breathalyser devices are widely used to measure breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) or indirectly measure blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels and are vital tools in various contexts, such as workplace safety, law enforcement, and in the case of the Alcotest 3820 and 4000 models, personal use. Accurate readings from personal breathalyser users play a critical role in ensuring road safety and promoting responsible alcohol consumption. Regular calibration is essential to maintain the accuracy and reliability of these devices, ensuring they function optimally and within the Australian Standard requirements.

Introducing Alcotest 3820 and Alcotest 4000:

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality alcohol testing solutions, we partnered with Dräger, a leading manufacturer of breathalyser devices over 10 years ago. We are proud to offer sales and calibration services for their range of Alcotest breathalysers. These cutting-edge devices are renowned for their precision, user-friendly design, and quick results. Now, with Relevant Drug Testing Solutions, users can access the full potential of these devices with confidence.

Fully Trained by Dräger:

At Relevant Drug Testing Solutions, we believe that proficiency is key to ensuring accurate calibrations. Our team of service technicians has undergone comprehensive training directly from Dräger. This equips us with in-depth knowledge of the devices’ technicalities and intricacies. This training empowers us to handle calibrations with precision and expertise, upholding the manufacturer’s standards to guarantee optimal performance.

Calibrations per AS 3547:

We strictly adhere to the Australian Standard AS 3547:2019 for all AS 3547:2019 certified devices breathalyser calibrations. This standard outlines the requirements for the accuracy and reliability of breath testing devices and their calibration processes. By following these stringent guidelines, we ensure that the breathalysers we calibrate provide accurate results.

Why Choose Relevant Drug Testing Solution For Your Personal Breathalyser Calibration?

When it comes to breathalyser calibrations, there’s no room for compromise. Choosing Relevant Drug Testing Solutions provides numerous benefits:

  1. Accuracy and Reliability: Our calibration process helps ensure accurate and consistent readings, giving users peace of mind.
  2. Factory Trained Technicians: Our team comprises service technicians who are well-versed in the intricacies of breathalyser devices.
  3. Dräger Partnership: As a trusted partner of Dräger, we have direct access to the latest advancements and technical support.
  4. AS 3547 Compliance: We strictly adhere to AS 3547, ensuring our calibrations meet the highest industry standards.
  5. Prompt Service: We understand the urgency of calibration requirements, and our efficient service ensures minimal downtime for your breathalysers.

Relevant Drug Testing Solutions takes great pride in offering Alcotest 3820 and Alcotest 4000 personal breathalyser calibrations across Australia. Our partnership with Dräger and commitment to AS 3547 compliance reaffirms our dedication to providing accurate and reliable breathalyser readings. With our team of highly trained technicians, users can trust us to keep their breathalysers functioning optimally, ensuring the safety of individuals and the broader community. Stay safe, stay responsible, and let Relevant Drug Testing Solutions be your go-to partner for all your breathalyser calibration needs.

For more information please call us on 1300 489 489 or contact our team by clicking here.

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