Breathalyser Service & Calibration in Hobart

Alcohol breath testing device (also known as breathalysers) can play a vital role in keeping your Hobart workplace safer.  From hand held or portable units to wall mounted units we are able to service and calibrate many different brands!

Our unique ability to service units onsite right across Tasmania has been a great benefit for our clients who were sick and tired of sending their breathalysers back to the mainland and being left without alcohol testing device for weeks or even months on occasion.

The vast majority of clients with wall mounted breathalysers choose our onsite service, whilst clients with hand held units are able to be sent to our service and calibration facility in Hobart or performed onsite – the choice is yours!

Remember, no matter where you are in Hobart or across Tasmania, our experienced service technicians are here to help!

At Relevant Drug Testing Solutions we specialise in providing drug and alcohol solutions to various industries in Hobart, Tasmania. One of the services we offer is onsite breathalyser calibration, which is essential for accurate and reliable alcohol testing results.

Breathalyser calibration is the process of checking and adjusting the accuracy of a breathalyser device to ensure it is functioning correctly. This calibration is crucial to ensure that the results of alcohol testing are accurate and reliable, and can be used to make important decisions regarding workplace safety and compliance.

Relevant Drug Testing Solutions offers onsite breathalyser calibration services in Hobart, Tasmania, which means that their team of service technicians can come to your workplace to calibrate your breathalyser device/s. This service is convenient for businesses as it saves them the time and effort of having to send their devices away for calibration.

The experienced service team at Relevant Drug Testing Solutions is highly trained and experienced in calibrating a wide range of breathalyser devices. They use the latest calibration equipment and techniques to ensure that your device is calibrated accurately and efficiently. They also provide a certificate of calibration for each device, which is essential for compliance purposes. By using our onsite calibration service, you can be confident that your device is functioning accurately and reliably, and that your alcohol testing results are trustworthy.

In conclusion, Relevant Drug Testing Solutions is a company that provides essential drug and alcohol testing services to businesses in Hobart, Tasmania. Contact us today to schedule your onsite calibration service and maintain workplace safety and compliance.

Our Team Are Ready To Help.

Our team is ready to help with all of your breathalyser service and calibration needs in Hobart and right across Tasmania!